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Emberwolf is an American solo rock musician hailing from Minnesota.  The singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has recently released 'Happiness is Overrated' - his full-length debut album.

Primarily vocal & guitar driven, most songs are also infused with heavy doses of orchestral strings and piano for a sound self-described as "modern, melodic, harmonic, symphonic rock."


About Happiness is Overrated

Emberwolf's debut album Happiness is Overrated is about "my own attempts to achieve catharsis in the face of tribulations," says the solo artist.  "No one likes to confront emotional pain and suffering, but it is only by overcoming hardships that we can become better as individuals and as a species," he adds.

Emotionally-driven melodies and lyrics relate his own struggles with loss and uncertainty, and the successes and failures in dealing with them.  "All I'm really hoping for is that listeners will be able to draw strength from the knowledge that they are not alone when they find themselves in a similar emotional state of mind."

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